Monday, July 28, 2014

Hardships. "They'll put hair on your chest."

By the way. Just a bit of information I learned this week. So they have these things called hardship missions. Which are missions that are very stressful and have a lot of hardships. In those missions, senior couples only serve for 18 months, and mission presidents serve for 2 years. There are only 2 hardship missions in the world. DRC Lumumbashi, and yep, our mission! Well, the DRC Kinshasa mission. I don't know if it carried over when it split. But now you know that I was called to one of the 2 hardship missions in the world. And guess what, sometimes, there are actually a lot of hardships. But hardships are a good thing. They put hair on your chest, as Elder Brockbank would say haha. 

Back left to right: Elder Brockbank, Elder Niyonkuru, Elder Wright, Me, Elder Beutler, Elder Simmons, Elder Ntambwe, Elder Nzema, Elder Leavitt. Front: Elder Dimond, Sister Dimond, Sister Monga, Elder Tucker, President Monga.

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