Monday, September 1, 2014

Keeping Busy

Sounds like things are staying nice and busy back home huh? Lots of things are changing. It’s hard to keep up with it all! It’s going to be really weird when I get home and everything is different! Haha
So ebola is still spreading. It is now currently in both of the congos. It’s not bad yet there but we’ll see what happens. They haven’t evacuated missionaries there yet. Cameroon is still free. They are taking a lot of measures to protect themselves. But there are some things going on up North with the Nigerians, so we’ll see haha. I’ll be fine though.
This week has been a great week! Lots of cool stuff going on. It’s been really crazy lately too. We had to do splits twice this week again. That is kind of stressful but that’s ok.
On Tuesday Elder Beutler came into my sector with me. He hadn’t eaten lunch so we stopped at a little restaurant on the side of the road. We sat down next to two other guys and started talking to them. It was the funniest thing. They were both drinking, and they were both asking the funniest questions. But in the end they seemed really interested and we took their numbers. Unfortunately they don’t live in our sector.
On Thursday I went into Elder Nzema’s sector to do baptism interviews. That was really cool. Interviews are a really cool experience. It is really cool to talk to someone in that setting where you basically just ask them to bear their testimony the whole time.
On Friday we worked with Brother Olama. He is a return missionary that just got home last week. It’s stressful working with return missionaries. They tend to try to dominate the conversation cause they still think they are the missionary. But that’s ok. We ended up walking a lot that day, but it was still a really cool day. We got two mangez-vous back to back! First Gladys fed us these really good fish and potatoes that were kind of like meat and potatoes we’d eat back home! Then we went to see Theodore and his family and we ate saka-saka (a Congolese dish) and cow intestines. It was pretty good! It brought back memories of Pointe-Noire!
Saturday was a really long day. We started with a lesson with Nana and Elder Dimond so that we could try to figure out a solution to his polygamist situation. Turns out that he won’t be able to be baptized. It was really sad to have to tell him that. But luckily Elder Dimond was there to say it and not us. Then we went to attend the baptism for the other district because Elder Brockbank did their interviews. But it started late so we just got some spaghetti omelet sandwiches and then went back to our building for the baptism. But it turns out that there was really bad traffic so it ended up starting an hour late. Then it went for 2 hours. Then we had coordination. So needless to say, it was a really busy day with almost no lessons. But we made up for it on Sunday when we managed to get 5 lessons in after church. We went and saw Sister Flore. She is having a hard time cause her husband died a few months ago and now the parents of her husband want her two children. So she has to send them to them this week. So she was really stressed and having a hard time. So she asked for a blessing for her and her children. That was a really cool experience. The spirit was really strong.
Thank you so much for the package stuff! It really is much appreciated. If possible, do you think you could try to send another SD card with music? That would be cool. And Old Spice deodorant. Deodorant here is expensive and doesn’t work well… Also, I still haven’t found contact solution. I don’t know if you could try to send it by itself through DHL or something? Maybe you could even ask them how likely it would be to get here.
No I don’t really get a lot of letters… But that’s ok. I’ll get over it haha

Anyway, have a great day!
This is a pic of a sugar cane that was a gift from a member family

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