Monday, June 2, 2014

6th Transfer. I'm Staying Here!

Finally he sends pictures!

Grocery Day!

Of course there is pictures of  food! Cereal? Boring :)

Hey everybody!
So we had transfer letters today! Guess what! I'm staying here for a 6th transfer! haha But Elder Ndayizeye is going back to Kinshasa to train. So I will be getting a new companion named Elder Ralison. He is from Madagascar. I'm really excited. I love working with the malagash. Things really shook up this transfer. Everyone in our zone got a letter. There will now be 6 elders in our apartment. So I'm going to have to start adjusting my recipes... haha Elder Hatch is going back to his last sector to work with his last companion... So I guess you never know what's going to happen!
This week we had a really good week. Wednesday we had a really cool experience. We planned to go see Papy in the morning, but we couldn't get a hold of him. So we decided to go anyway. So we get in the taxi that will take us to where he lives. We were waiting for it to fill up when someone asked us where the chauffeur was. We said we didn't know, so he went and looked for him. Then the chauffeur came and the guy came, gave him some money then he looked at us and said "I paid your 2 places" and he left! It was so cool! We didn't hardly even have time to say thank you! Then we get to Papy's house and he told us that we were really lucky that we found him. Apparently he was supposed to be gone all day but ended up being at the house for a couple hours in the morning. So we had a lesson about trials and forgiveness because he's going through a tough time lately. Afterwards he told us that we must have been inspired because we said exactly what he needed to hear. His girlfriend had cheated on him and got pregnant, then had him sent to jail for a week cause he wouldn't pay for an abortion. He said after the lesson that now he's going to go talk to her, but now the way he had planned on. Just a cool story about following the promptings of the Spirit. 
Later that day we talked to a family for the first time. That was really cool. They all seem really interested and really happy when we are there. 
Thursday we got to say goodbye to David before he went to boarding school for a month. That was really cool. He bore a really strong testimony. He followed the spirit and refused to participate when his friends offered him a way to get money illegally. It was really a really cool testimony. 
Friday President Cook was here for zone conference. We learned a lot about following the spirit, hastening the work, and using the Book of Mormon. He showed us a hastening the work video. It doesn't have any words, but it is incredible. I would recommend looking it up. Sorry I don't know what it is called. Probably just hastening the work. By the way, I sincerely hope that you are all keeping up with your spiritual responsibilities. Home and visiting teaching, for example. If not, do. It is very important. And FHE and family prayer. I've seen what all of these things do, and I have learned how important they are. So if you're not, you better start haha. 
Then Saturday we got to watch General Conference. It was incredible. I particularly liked Elder Holland's talk, and Elder Oaks talk from the Priesthood Session. It was a really cool experience. It's different when it's translated, but the message is the same. If you didn't watch the Saturday sessions, I recommend you read them in the Ensign. 
Sunday we watched the morning session of conference. Don't ask me why they didn't show the second... We were a little disappointed to say the least.. haha. But it was still a really good session. I particularly liked Elder Bednar's and President Monson's talks. Then we went and saw some people afterward. We had a first contact with another family. That was a really cool experience.
Then today we got transfer letters. So things are definitely changing. In this transfer the mission will split! So we decided to have a going away party for Elder Ndayizeye. He loves pizza, so all the elders are coming to our apartment and we're going to make a bunch of pizzas. It'll be lots of fun. I'm excited. By the way, I got lots of cool pictures this week. I'm going to try to send them in a couple minutes.
 I particularly like the one with me and Elder Hatch in our boubous. It is traditional Muslim clothing, but everyone wears them. SO COOL! It was 35,000 FCFA, which is 70 dollars. But it was a really good deal. You usually can't get them for under 100 dollars. We made sure to ask around first so we wouldn't get ripped off haha. 
Elder VanAusdal and Elder Hatch in their boubous

Anyway, sounds like things are getting busy there! Just remember to not let temporal things cause you to forget the spiritual things. Elder Hamilton gave a good talk last conference about good things and better things. Remember to always do the best things. Anyway, have a great week!
Love, Elder VanAusdal

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