Monday, May 5, 2014

Only Women buy Flour

Elder Ndayiezye and Elder VanAusdal with David who was baptized May 3rd. Happy to be serving the Lord.

So this last week was a really good week. It went by so fast! I can't believe tomorrow makes 8 months!
So Monday we did all our shopping then went home. We left again to go to a boutique across the street to buy flour. We walk in and I asked the guy to get me 5 kg of flour. There was this crazy lady in there too that started laughing her head off because I was buying flour and only women buy flour. Then she kept babbling and laughing and touching me, and leaning on me and it was kinda weird. The cashier kept asking her to stop but she was obviously crazy. Then it got to the point where she slapped me! And just kept laughing! It was so weird! Then we started going back home then we looked back and she was following us! So we tried to lose her and then we got into our parcel and locked the door. A few minutes later we heard her trying to open the door! But then she left and haven't seen her since! So... That was a funny experience. 
Tuesday we had  a really good day. We got to work with John. He's my recent convert that was called as a branch missionary! So that was a really cool experience. 
Wednesday we had a day of a lot of walking. We're in a weird stage where a lot of appointments fall through because a lot of our investigators are new and don't have fixed schedules. But we're making do. 
Thursday we started the day off with a lesson with Papy! He's the recent convert that in his picture we're all holding him and he's laying down. He was baptized in another sector but lives in our sector now. He's such a funny guy. 
Friday we started the day off with David because he was getting baptized on Saturday. We had an awesome lesson with him and talked about what it means to be baptized. If anyone was ever ready for baptism it was him. Then we saw Juldas and his brothers. They are all under 12 years old and live with members but aren't baptized. So we are teaching them. We had a hilarious lesson with them. We asked him if he ever hit his friend Galvie. He said it's not ok to hit unless it is for education. Then little 8 year old Galvie said "That's not education!" hahaha. Then we asked Juldas if he ever dreamed about killing someone. Then he said "Yeah, I had a sword and I cut his head off and stabbed him!" as he was acting it out. So much fun!
Then Saturday was the baptism. David is officially a member of the church! It was such a cool experience. He was really excited. All of the missionaries love him and were happy to see him be baptized. Then after the baptism everyone disappeared to go teach lessons so my companion and I were left to teach English class. But he doesn't speak English... So I got to teach it by myself haha. We talked about days and months and stuff. It was really fun. You have to be careful though. Cause most people learn the English they know from 50 cent and Lil Wayne... So they'll ask you what something means and you have to tell them never to say that again hahah. 
Sunday was a good day. We had 12 investigators at church! It was fast sunday too. Delauney, one of our investigators bore his testimony! Then David bore his testimony! It was really cool to see the people you work with show that much faith. Then afterward, we had branch counsel. We made a lot of progress, and I think the branch's efforts are finally going to start working together. After that, we went and had a lesson with the Moukala family. The mom was baptized 11 years ago. The rest of her family followed. But they've been inactive for a really long time. It's really difficult to see families like that. I think we're making progress though.
Anyway, we had a great week. We got a lot of things done. Hope you guys have a great week!
Love, Elder VanAusdal

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