Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 6 Months and Transfers

Elder VanAusdal in his new soccer jersey holding his transfer letter
photo courtesy of Sis. Bailey, mission mom.
Hey everybody!
Big news! So we got transfer letters today... Elder Baker is being
transferred to Douala. My new companion is Elder Ndayizeye.... Don't
ask me how to say that... haha Elder Garland who was also in our
district was transferred over to the other district here. Elder
Hatch's new companion is from Madagascar. So there will be two African
elders in our apartment this transfer... That will be interesting. But
I'm sure it will be a good experience. I am also no longer a junior
companion! It doesn't really mean anything, but it's cool! haha. I
don't know anything about this new elder except that he's African, so
we'll see what happens. Transfers will happen this Thursday. So, I'll
let you know how everything goes next week!
To answer your questions: the hot is getting more bearable, but I'm
definitely not used to it. I'm doing fine with money. Last week I
Last district hug

bought a pair of African masks at a art market for 14 dollars! That
was really cool. Then I bought something even more African. A soccer
jersey! haha Everyone in Africa has a soccer jersey, so I figured I'd
get one too!

So this week went by really fast. We met a lot of really cool people
and got some new investigators. We had an appointment fall through so
we ended up sitting down with some guys on the side of the road. They
ended up talking for 20 minutes about why they hate Jehovah's
Witnesses so much haha. So he was very glad that we weren't haha. Then
on Wednesday, we had another lesson with Jos. It's really interesting
working with him. He's managed to overcome all his problems with the
word of wisdom! Now we just need to help him come to church... We also
had a lesson with someone named Habib. He is from this church called
the Faith of Baha'i. It's really interesting. They have a lot of the
same principles of our church but they have their own holy book. They
even build temples all over the world! Kinda crazy!
Then Thursday, Elder Garland worked with me. It rained. All day. There
was so much water everywhere! We were soaked through. A lot of the
roads were completely impassable because there was so much water on
the ground. It was made better because everyone assumed that because
it was raining we wouldn't come. So we spent the first couple hours
walking all over Ngoyo. But we finally had a lesson with Bienvenu. We
had an entire lesson while helping him peel the skin off of leaves
that he was going to use to make dinner. That was pretty cool. Then we
had an awesome lesson with David, who is part of the Coelho family we
met. He is so smart. I've never taught so much deep doctrine to an
investigator before! But we had an awesome lesson, and he loved it.
Then Friday was interesting. We started with a lesson with Surprise.
Then we had a lesson with a sister of a member, named Nana. She was
totally uninterested and said that she didn't even want to know if the
Book of Mormon was true! haha Then we decided to try contacting a
really nice house. The lady wouldn't even accept a brochure! I've
never had a brochure rejected before!
Anyway, all in all this was a pretty good week. Lots of cool things
happened. We'll have an interesting week ahead of us, and a really
interesting transfer ahead of us. But it's all part of the experience.
Thanks for the pictures! Have a great week!
Love, Elder VanAusdal

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