Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014 Trials

Hey everybody!
So... I almost finished the email then it disappeared... so sorry if this one isn't as good.... So yes I'm done training. I finished last transfer. We get transfer letters in a week! I can't believe that I've been here for 3 transfers already! It's been awesome.
So this week we had a lot of awesome things happen. Even though we did a TON of walking. And it was REALLY hot... But we met a lot of really cool investigators. We had an awesome lesson with Guy, one of my recent converts. We started the after lessons and decided to try having him teach us lesson 1. It has  been probably 3 months since we taught that lesson and he taught it to us perfectly! And he can't even read! It was so cool. So we told him that he should learn how to read and get a passport so he can serve a mission. Now he's really excited about being a missionary! haha. And the Coelho family that we met a week ago are progressing really well. The son David is already through reading King Benjamin's speech! We also had a really awesome lesson with an investigator named Jos. He has been struggling for awhile. He hasn't been coming to church and it's been hard to get a hold of him.
But in the lesson we found out that he has been unemployed for a while now. He can't afford to pay for his kids to go to school. And he's gone all day everyday trying to get a little bit of money so he can eat that day. And sometimes he just didn't eat. He said that the reason he hasn't been coming to church is because even if he's available, he doesn't have the 30 cents it takes to take a bus to the church. I felt really bad for him, but we talked about trials and how by following the commandments of God we will be blessed. He has already made a ton of progress. He had a lot of problems with the word of wisdom. But he is over those things. It's really amazing to watch.
Anyway, there were a lot of really cool things that happened this week. I typed some of them out earlier, but the 20 minutes of typing I did just disappeared... So I just decided to share the coolest ones.
The work is going forward. We have so many people to teach we hardly have time to see them all! It's incredible being here. Next week we get transfer letters! And everyone is pretty confident that Elder Baker is leaving this transfer. So I'll have to tell you next week who my next companion is! haha. If he does leave he will leave on my six month mark. Pretty crazy. We're going to make a pizza for him before he leaves haha.
Anyway, have a great week!
Love, Elder VanAusdal

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